February 9, 2019


Annual Bay-Net Radio Conference



February 9, 2019


Plug and Play, 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA


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About BayCon / What's this all about?

BAYCON is the annual get together for the Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club in Silicon Valley. This event is an opportunity to meet each other in person and share our knowledge and love of ham radio and related topics. This year we have a fantastic lineup of great speakers talking about many topics from software defined radio, to microwave contesting, Raspberry Pi's, APRS, digital voice repeaters, and even an intro to setting up your own ham radio blog... and more. This event is open to all radio amateurs and anyone interested in these radio topics. Admission is free but space is limited so please order your free tickets on line. You can also pre-purchase pizza lunch on the web site. We hope to see you there !

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Bay-Net Donation

Bay-Net is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Over the years, the Bay-Net system has grown to include 6 repeaters covering the San Francisco bay area. It is an expensive undertaking. To ensure continued service to the amateur community and organizations such as the American Red Cross, FEMA, and other groups, we have incorporated Bay-Net as a legal nonprofit organization. We are now taking donations through PayPal and credit cards. Just click the donate button. Everything helps. Thank you for your support!

Conference Schedule

Welcome and BayNet System Update

The BayNet system now features 4 conventional FM repeaters and 3 digital repeaters (DMR, D-STAR, Fusion) at two radio sites. This presentation will provide the latest update on the radio system and club activities for 2019.

Introduction to DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)

DMR is becoming quite popular in the amateur radio world but while many of us understand how our analog radios work these new digital voice modes can be quite a mystery. This talk will provide an introduction to how a DMR works by comparison to the FM repeater systems and will provide some context for why it is designed the way it is.

Successful SOTA Strategies

Introduction to Summits On The Air and strategies for successful activating and chasing.

The origins of Silicon Valley: Roots in Ham Radio

Paul will give an exciting and colorful history of technology innovation that began with Hams in Palo Alto and spread across the Valley, while introducing you to some colorful local characters – Cyril Elwell, Lee DeForest, Bill Eitel, Charles Litton, Fred Terman, David Packard, Bill Hewlett and others. This talk was given to a full house at the ARRL Centennial Convention in 2014 in Hartford, CT -- here’s your chance to experience it for yourself, to see a 6’-wide photo of the SCV attendees at the 1928 ARRL Convention in SF and handle an original Audion tube.


Pizza lunch will be available for pre-purchase. The price is $12 for two pieces plus processing fee.

Off-Grid Solar Systems For Radio Sites

This presentation will walk through the system design for off-grid solar-powered radio sites including power budgets, equipment selection, and maintenance. We’ll use a case study to explore specific design details and decisions to help you deploy your first fully-off-grid solar-power radio site!

APRS turns 35! What's next?

The Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS) has seen a lot of use since its advent in 1984, and is the most popular digital mode on VHF today, providing real-time telemetry, position reporting, and messaging. A lot has changed since 1984, however --- there's an internet backbone for your traffic, satellites when you're not within range of your local digipeater, and the possibility of working APRS using just a soundcard and PC, or with a stand-alone radio or your smartphone. In this talk, I'll show you how to get started if you're not already on the air with APRS, and maybe show you a thing or two you didn't already know if you are!"

Introduction to Cisco Tactical Ops

In this presentation Dustin will introduce the capabilities of Cisco Tactical Operations team and equipment used for emergency communications.

QRP Now!

This presentation will be a broad overview of kits, commercial gear, WSPR-Pi, Sota, Portable operation, Contesting, and the history of Qrp in the bay area.

Software-defined Radio: What else can I hear?

You've got your SDR peripheral handy, be it a $20 TV tuner dongle, a HackRF, or something more exotic. You've poked around in SDR# or gqrx and looked at many a waterfall and listened to various voice modulations. What else is out there? Let's dive into the world of digital signals that are all around us and start picking bits of interesting data out of the aether.

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Plug and Play Tech Center
440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085





Yes, there will be free parking.





Pizza lunch will be available for pre-purchase. The price is $12 for two pieces plus processing fee.





No, just a non-commercial gathering of hams exchanging ideas.





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440 N Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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